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Interview with Joani Blank

HuffPo has an interview with Joani Blank on sex positive culture and more. Here’s a segment on her interesting vibrator collection.

Tell me about some of the more unique vibrators in your original collection. With most of the older vibrators, it’s difficult to see how someone could use them sexually. But some people say that about the Hitachi Magic Wand and that’s been a best seller for 30 years. But I’ve seen of all kinds of contraptions — ones that are powered by gas or hydraulics. But I think the most unusual one I found had no power at all: it was made of wood and had this little hand crank that you would turn like an old-fashioned egg-beater. I don’t really see how that would be pleasurable. But it was pretty little thing.

The interesting part about the antique vibrators is that most of them do not offer any clitoral stimulation. I don’t know how people used them and I don’t think people ever will, but I would imagine they figured out a means for clitoral stimulation because it’s often the only thing that works. That is still the single idea that is most resistant to change: the belief that a woman “should” be able to achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation. 70 percent of women cannot and that message is still floating around: that it should just happen vaginally. I’m 75 years old and I’m still pissed off I can’t come that way. Sometimes I’ll still think “Well maybe…” but then I remind myself that if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s a little late.


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Have been a jack of all trades. I'm a former philosopher who specialized in ethics and political philosophy. I'm a sex positive feminist.

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