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Wow I was called a Male chauvinist Pig

I was in Jacksonville Fla yesterday for a reunion. Had a lot of fun met a lot of people, I got to play some music, lot of food and beer, great people…

I had been chatting with a submissive for several years, who lives in Jacksonville, and I agreed to meet her for the first time, on the way to the reunion, I stopped and picked her up, I had a date but she cancelled or something.

After spending time time together just in general conversation, eating, we went four wheeling, rode horses,

At the end of the evening I was taking her home, she made the statement she wanted to see me on a regular basis. I was very flattered, I felt like I knew her inside out, I had been a mentor to her for sometime, we were like best friends, and that is where I wanted to keep it.

As humans we know what we are attracted to, not just physical, I am not much on looks, its more the personality, well to a point. Its the communication, you can tell when someone is really listening to you.

Things you have in common not just BDSM life in general, your needs, what one wants out of life.

I myself am very simple, no problems, no drama. At this point I like where I am at.

My friend is really very beautiful, but as I stated we have a preference  on what type of person we are attracted to.

When I expressed my feelings that I like petite women to an average build, she just lost it , she began to yell calling me names, and yes a male chauvinist pig, now I was self centered, I only thought of myself, I judged people by there looks.

Wow, so I told the truth, I was up front, I explained what type of submissive I was seeking a relationship with, and I get bashed. Maybe I just of lied, took her home tied her up spanked, and fucked her, would that of made me a better man. Nah I am past that point.

I suppose sometimes the truth hurts.



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