Another Study on Repressed Homoerotic Tendencies in Homophobes

It seems like a few times a year I read a study about how conservatives or explicit homophobes are more aroused by gay porn and other such things. The Advocate reports on a new study that suggests explicitly homophobic people are less in touch with their sexuality than more accepting people, and repress their attraction to same sex people:

Intense hostility toward LGBT people may be due to a person’s own repressed same-sex attractions and their parental upbringing, a new study by the University of Rochester suggests.

Psychology professor Richard Ryan, who co-authored the study, told USA Today that people who tend to have publicly expressed sexual desires that are disjointed from their unconscious sexual desires see gay people as threatening. Those conflicting feelings lead to expressions of homophobia and discrimination.



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Have been a jack of all trades. I'm a former philosopher who specialized in ethics and political philosophy. I'm a sex positive feminist.

4 comments on “Another Study on Repressed Homoerotic Tendencies in Homophobes

  1. I would have followed any protocol He told me to.

    • I am sure you would have followed any protocol, I am really not aware of the whole story, sounds like a communication break down, probably not on your part… It does happen.
      I make it a point to set aside an hour a day to talk openly, to share any concerns, how your day was, anything on your mind, so on….
      If you ever need to talk or what ever hit me up.

      I share with you sometime where I got that name.

  2. I have always thought so.

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