Is Total Power Exchange Really A Total Exchange

Most Dominants want to claim they know everything, been there done that, I am never wrong, I know it all, I am always right. Really, Seriously.

Total power exchange is almost virtually impossible, the same with 24/7. That what we in the BDSM lifestyle like to call them.

The truth is neither is reality, the Submissive or Slave choose to be who and what they are, you cannot make them Submit, you cannot make them respect you, you cannot demand anything.

After all if we knew everything all the worlds problems would be solved. So is it just ego driven, low self esteem, power hungry.

There comes a time in a Total Power Exchange relationship when the two have to sit down and talk as a normal couple, after all problems do arise, be it a large purchase, financial problems, a death in the family, anything.

We like to think Total Power Exchange, but realistically it is just impossible, unless you are with a controlling Dominant.  Even with that would you as a submissive or a slave just sit and watch your owner bring down your house hold, I am sure not.

Being a submissive or slave does not make you weak, nor stupid, you choose to be who you are, you give because that is your world, that is where you are most happy and comfortable.

The truth be known Dominants do not have very many they can confide in, well such as other Dominants because we are always right. Talking to another Dom, you might as well call CNN because the news is going to spread that fast.

So the answer is no, you cannot truly live 24/7, or in a total power exchange relationship.



2 comments on “Is Total Power Exchange Really A Total Exchange

  1. Jay Wiseman discusses this in SM 101, I think. About how people must, at some level, be able to interact peer to peer if they are going to be in a relationship.

  2. No Dominant has all the answers, it is those who are weak who do not reach out for advice.
    Even in play, if there is something I am not sure of, but I want to try and have never done, I find someone who has and get them to show me.
    I have seen Doms just do stuff because they want and have no clue about what they are doing.

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