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I ran across this story, a big fetish in the BDSM lifestyle

Pony Play and More

Imagehe most interesting fetishes in BDSM is animal role-playing. It is normally called Pony Play or Puppy Play, but really any type of animal can become part of this fetish. Although I can’t claim to have ever tried these myself, below I have amassed some info for those curious about this, well… bestial fetish! 🙂

Pony Play is probably the most common of all animal role-playing games. One human plays the pony and the other plays the master or mistress. There are actually entire events where BDSMers get together to dress up as ponies and have actual competitions with cantering, showmanship, training, and hoofing. Wow!

Puppy Play is, obviously, when one human acts like a dog. The master will train the dog. One friend of mine had a boyfriend interested in puppy play. Here was the scene he described to her:

I want to eat dinner while you kneel at my feet with a collar and a lead [British word for “leash”]. I’ll eat my whole dinner, but you can’t have any. Then I’ll take the lead and lead you upstairs. We’ll have sex doggie-style, and you have to yelp like a puppy.

Kitty Play is a fetish where the human pretends to be a cat. (Dressing up as a cat for a costume party does not constitute a BDSM fetish!) The “kitty” walks, acts, and eats like a cat. I’ve heard of some masters who go so far as to litter train their kitties.

Many BDSM stores (although none I’d recommend) sell outfits and gear for pony, puppy, and kitty play. There are collars, leashes, riding tack, mouth bits, blinders, saddles, bridles, and stirrups. Riding crops and trainers’ outfits are available for the Mistress. You can buy bridles and reigns shaped for either the head, breasts, or body. There are masks that cover the human face, horse hats with plumes, and headbands with ears. And of course, the transformance wouldn’t be complete without a tail! You can order pony, puppy, or kitty tails that attach to clothing or, more commonly, are inserted as a butt plug. Wow-zahh!

If you are interested in this fetish, you can buy the gear if that makes you happy, but you don’t have to; one of you can pretend to be a dog just as easily with puppy ears strapped on as without. You might try it out just to see if it’s fun; most people may laugh at the idea of pretending to be a horse, but stop in awe at the hot blonde in a black latex cat suit at the Halloween party! Doms and Dommes may get off on the power trip of control: ordering, training, and whipping a sub that is playing a role completely bereft of speech and totally beneath them. Power doesn’t get much more powerful than that! They are a lower than a sub, lower than a slave, and relegated to a pet.

Whether you find this amusing or kinky, it doesn’t hurt to try. You can just play the role non sexually to see how it feels. Many Doms may like the feeling of power, but not need the role to become sexual. Of course, it can become sexual: this type of play is called bestiality play. I must stress that BDSM does not condone actual bestiality, but only consensual human play where one person is pretending to rape an animal.


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