The communication break down

So I want my cock sucked when I want, so I want to fuck when I want, play when I want. You have giving total control, you have trusted me enough, that when I tie you down, I am not going to hurt you.

Okay you do these things because you love your Dominant, you are willing to do just about anything to please, with in your limits, yet some have no limits.

The main reason you want to do these things is because of communication between the two of you. The average couple spends about 20 minutes or so in general conversation a week this includes pass the salt. that is really sad, but most couple fall into a routine a daily routine .

Both wake in the am shower coffee watch some news , your spouse gives you a kiss on the forehead on the way out and that is it, you both come home, one or the other cooks dinner, shower watch a little TV and crash. Everyday is like this. A boring routine.

I myself like to set an hour a day aside for general conversation, I want to know what your thinking, whats on your mind? The dynamic of the D’s relationship is that you can talk about anything and not be judged, or criticized. Your able to speaking openly and freely.

This is why the submissive is able to give and give, because they know they are appreciated, cared for, your Dominant cares about your thoughts and feelings.

There is a but now. Sometimes a Dominant can fall into a daily routine, he begins to take the relationship for granite,after all he has trained his submissive well.

The bad thing is the training never ends, it is an on going progress, we as humans learn something new everyday. We take in information, we don’t even know we are, everyday is a learning process.

Well when the Dominant falls into this routine, he slowly loses control, the submissive begins to feel not as useful, the two begin to fall apart, and if it is not caught in time the relationship crumbles. Once a Dominant loses control, it is almost impossible to regain. It is like being on the Titanic and the Captain gives you a bucket, at that point and time you know your pretty well screwed.

Many submissieves or slave do not think they have any rights, after all your just there to serve.

The truth is you really have many rights in a D’s relationship,  you have the right to open communication, that’s what the relationship is based on, even if you have to give an ultimatum. That is your right. You have the right to not be abused be it verbal or physical.

The difference though A Dominant may not be to quick about making certain decisions, he in a lot of ways is different from you vanilla. A Dominant with truly think things out before hand. Where most of the time a Vanilla will move and worry about the consequences at a later time.

Submissives are the same way they tend to think more, but analyze way to much.

Here is the IF. If your Dominant is going to make a Dissension he cannot hold this over your head, say I will get back to you in a couple of days. This is where the communication comes in. You just cant leave your submissive hanging, she will come unglued, begin to get frantic, thinking crazy, and in the end lose control. Thus the communication break down.

Yes you as a submissive or slave can give an ultimatum..



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