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Is This Video Really Racy?

Now, it’s true, I do, in fact, have a sex blog, in which we feature graphic photos and language. So, maybe my senses are numbed by what I see and read everyday. But, when Nick Minaj’s new video came out, it was called racy, but I didn’t think it was racy at all. So, we have girls dancing a little in bikinis. Big deal? Like we haven’t seen that before. I think Lady Gaga’s Telephone was sexier, and a much better video. Compare:


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Have been a jack of all trades. I'm a former philosopher who specialized in ethics and political philosophy. I'm a sex positive feminist.

One comment on “Is This Video Really Racy?

  1. The video was fine. I have seen plenty worse. The hot pink outfit was cute. The song, so bad.

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