So he’s not Dominant She’s Submissive

This is a situation that happens all to often, more so with women than men. A woman discovers later in life she is submissive, a number of things bring this on. In most cases the female was abused at a young age, raped or even molested, I said most of the time just from my experience

These are sad things that take place, and can be very destructive., if not with the right partner, or proper counseling. Some come to terms with what has happened, some fake it.

At times being submissive comes right out at an early age, and they learn to cope with everything that has happened, again this is not always the case.

The main problem is at an older age when this feeling finely comes out, and the female discovers who they are they begin to look up information, talking to others and finely try to meet a dominant.

Here is the problem, the search usually does not take that long because they jump at the first dominant,now is he real or just a predator. Out of 100 dominants you speak with maybe 5 or 10 are real.the ones who are not real are like a rattlesnake waiting to strike. He has one thing on his mind and one thing only the PUSSY that’s it. He does not care about you, your feelings, he does not want to hear what happened as a child. It may last a week a month, maybe six months.

If you are talking to a prospective Dominant, do not be afraid to ask for references. Is he active in the local community, does he attend events. What social sites is he on. Here is the killer, why cant I come over to your house? Bam he is married, hitched, girlfriend, none of which give head but you do.

Be careful I mentor 2 right now a submissive and a slave, the slave has been raped 8 times count 8.because her judgement was impaired, craving affection. Did you see the word RAPED. Now your not going to go to the police, and tell them. Why not? Well are you going to tell them about your lifestyle most will not.. By the way I want to stress this again, a Mentor does not fuck with who he is mentoring. Never if he tries he is not real…. Just be careful.

Now I have been in the lifestyle for some 20 years, I have a lot of friends in the lifestyle some really like me, more hate me. I guess because I speak my mind, if you don’t like me i will sleep tonight.

I have been in 5 long term relationships, a long term relationship to my brother is a 3 day weekend.

The longest was 7 yrs, and the bad thing is no one will ever replace her, she could walk on water, but here is what I am getting at.

A male just cannot wake up monday morning and say I am a Dominant, I want a submissive, Because let me tell you something 20 years and I am still learning.

Now if the newly found dom, wants to connect with another dominant, and is willing to spends months or longer so he can be mentored then maybe just maybe it could happen, I doubt it very seriously.

I think most submissive women or slaves would agree being a dominant is not easy, it is like the whole world is on his shoulders. He is in control of himself his sub, his world, everything. A dominant really has no one to talk to about problems, if you talk to another dom, you might as well be talking to Anderson Cooper on CNN because it is going to be the headline news with in the community.




9 comments on “So he’s not Dominant She’s Submissive

  1. I loved this post. Nothing bad every happened to me (Thank GOD) that caused me to be submissive. I Just always was. When I was a little girl, home from school one day, a replay of My Fair Lady, came on tv. And thats how it all began for me. My first twinge if ya know what I mean. You are so right about the predators. They are there, I have met a couple. I don’t think MH was one. He just became a dumb dumb in the end.

    • I really LIKE the scenes when Doolittle was forced to take a bath, and when she was crying trying to get the vows right. And her costumes are soo nice. 😉 yes I can absolutely imagine it as a trigger.

  2. I feel like this post was written just for me ;)! I agree there are large amount of wannabe Dom’s floating around in the world. If a guy wants to play like a Dom, he should at least crack open one book about BDSM…and if he asks a sub to cam within the first few days, subs run quickly in the other direction.

  3. Anything can trigger it, bring those feelings out. I was speaking with a sub once and it was the movie wizard of oz, go figure.
    As far as Henry goes like I said there was something much deeper going on, I have my suspecssions but Ill leave it at that.
    One of the bad things is we as Dominants do not have to explain ourselfs , about our thoughts or actions, unlike a submissive has to answer for theres.
    There are some exceptions to those words, when at anythime one is putting theres in harms way…

  4. for the first time in my life i told Sir everything about how I discovered i was a submissive, and my childhood issues. and he understood so well and was so concerned. he told me his childhood experience too, and years of counseling. Actually he encouraged me to see a counselor and told me I need to find a sex-positive one. we truly had a good communication. I still don’t understand.

    • What is it you do not understand

      • he suddenly left me

      • That is deep, let me tell you. When my little girl left me I was in ICU I had count them 6 bleeding ulcers. I was in the hospital for 31 days. When I was released I had to call a cab to get home. Once there the cab driver had to almost carry me up the stairs.
        He unlocked the door, and behold, everything was gone, right up to the calender that hung on the wall. As if things could not get worse.
        At that time I had one of the largest cigar internet sites on the web, the month of december I had 31k in charge backes, you guessed it the plug was pulled.
        I could not work for about 2 months after I was released from the hospital, my landlord and his wife would bring food, they brought furniture, a bed dishs, everyday they would check on me…
        It took me 6 months to get back to somewhat normal. Six months I paid no rent.
        When I was able to get back to work, I only owed one months rents.

        Now was I angry somewhat, more hurt than anything, but I knew why she left like she did, she could not face being confronted, she was not happy anymore, a slave very seldom stays with her first owner.
        The bad thing is all she had to do is say hey I need something different, and I would of been okay with that….

        I am sorry he just left you, I have a soft heart for submissive and slaves. I feel just as bad as you do, believe it or not…

        When a dominant just up and leaves most of the time it is a couple of things, and do not take this wrong.

        Either he was not a real dom, and it was really to much work, he was not in love and grew bored, or he found someone else…

      • I am so sorry you had to face those moments in your life. I am in tears reading this.

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