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Is your new Master Married

Most of the D’s relationships today start from online, sometimes at local events, but most submissives are to shy to go alone. Today there are many social sites based just on D’s so it makes it somewhat easy to meet someone..

You begin chatting with a potential Dominant, and things seem like there going smoothly, he is telling you everything you want to hear. Wow he has the same interest you do, you have so much in common with him, he has to be the one..

So after a week or so you agree to meet, hopefully somewhere in public, a nice restaurant, the mall food court, of course you always get there about a half hour early.

He tries to make demands about what your going to wear, ahh yes a short skirt heels and no panties this is what is called a FLAG. Wear what you want after all the submissive is in control, until she chooses to submit correct, of course.

So after dinner he wants to play, this is a no no, never on the first meeting, he wants to get a motel room this is a FLAG. Now we know the submissive is not going to take the new dominant back to her place, and why get a room he has a place to live right?

So after you say not and you stand your ground you agree to meet again, in a very public place, After all you want to be safe.

You begin to call him but there is no answer, goes straight to voice mail, again and again the same thing. Then he calls and says he was at work or busy, but he does no answer your text either. It seems everyday is the same thing. Anyway you understand because he is working..

So you decide you want a relationship now your ready to submit, because he is the one you have so much in common with him. You finely let him come over to your place, because he suggested that and you of course agree you want to fix a nice dinner. You notice when he arrives he brought no toys, but its ok for now.

After dinner things begin to heat up, you start playing a little, he spanks you a few times, fucks you, now he has to go, setting up another get together. Again he comes over to your place, no toys, a repeat, spanks you a couple of times then fucks you, and now he has to go.

The dinners have stopped, no going to the movies, or the mall, its your place, same thing spank then fuck, then he has to go.

At some point you suggest you come to his house, but he makes excuses, I have roommates,  So what if he has roommates, or he is remodeling, friends come over all the time, but that is fine you have not met any of his friends yet.

You ask him to spend the night, but he cant he has to get up early and go to work. All of these are flags.

Now look , he never answers his phone or text, you have never met any of his friends, you have never been to his house. You do not go out anymore, He only comes to your place, spanks he fucks you, or you just suck his dick, then he has to go..

He is married.




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