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Can A Master Lose Control

This is something that happens often, be it by an inexperienced Master or even a experienced Master. The fall of a relationship, and yes it is the masters fault. Although very few Doms will admit the cause of the break up was there fault.

It was that bitch she would not listen, I could not control her, she was a fake, she was just playing games. She was unmaintainable, not willing to be trained, I could go on and on…

Well the truth is A Master can lose control of his property , and here is how it happens.

When two come to an agreement to form a D’s relationship, the ground is laid down, on what each expects out of the relationship. Where they are now , where they want to be in a yr and so on.

A Submissive or Slave trust her master to guide, communicate with , Play with, and yes Discipline when needed, and she expects her Master to follow through.

Just as any relationship, a Dominant can become comfortable in the relationship becoming somewhat lax, even when it comes to Disciplining he becomes lax and more so he lets his feelings get in the way.

If you mess up one more time, you will be punished, once more I am telling you. I am putting my foot down, you will obey me. Well you can only cry wolf so many times right?

The bad thing is while this is going on the Submissive or Slave is slowly losing respect for her owner, he is not longer the Master he was, he not not who he told me he was. The bad thing is the Dom cannot see what is going on.

Once you have lost this much control, at this point throw your hands up in the air and throw the towel in, because what you have lost, is so far out of reach, you can never regain the control you once had.

Number one, you have lost all the respect you once had, you have now lost the control, it will not matter what you say, what your promise them its done, finished.

The only good thing to come out of this , is that we learn from our mistakes, be more caring, loving, and most of all make sure you are up for the task….

Now what has the dominant done, he has put the submissive or slave back at the beginning of there journey, they are now lost again, they have to learn all over to trust again, to give, to learn another Masters ways, without judging.A Lot of damage.




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