Submissives or Slaves who Exploit Themselves

The social sites today have turned into a huge meat market, women who exploit themselves to find the right Dominant.

I log into ALT.com grab a cup of coffee, I have a ton of mail from friends, from all over the world, I begin to answer each one.

When finished I begin to browse a few profiles, and I am like what the fuck. Slaves, and submissives have posted full nude pictures. Advertising, hoping to land the right Master.

Are you serious ? Is this how you want to start your relationship off, the Male thinking your all about sex, sex is the only interest you have.

I myself find this to trailer park trash, disgusting, no morals, and yes your truly a whore. The excitement is gone, there is nothing left to imagine.

Don’t take me wrong men are just as bad, as your cruising through profiles you run across a male add, the picture is of his Cock, really. Is this the type of master you want someone whose ego is based on his dick, this is the brain he thinks with. He thinks women are going to fall all over him, well maybe the trailer park subs.

Who are you trying to attract here, what kind of master are you looking for, are you really looking for a relationship. Oh but then on the first meeting you get upset because he wants to fuck you. Well you kinda put yourself out there on the market.

I want to open a profile, see a beautiful woman, dressed, fully dressed, I want to learn about her, her needs and wants. What she wants out of a relationship ?

I myself would not touch you, would not even think of hitting that email box. I am not looking for trash.

This is what we have come to in a society where we have to exploit ourselves to land the right fish. If your going to exploit yourself, do it in my bedroom.

The truth is I would email a female wearing a Burka , before I would some nude sub. Something has gone wrong with us, something very bad. What kind of protocol is she going to follow, or you hook up, and your buddy saw the same add…

Come on now, pick up that little book of morals, or maybe just maybe your mother will help you pick out the pictures you want to post..






2 comments on “Submissives or Slaves who Exploit Themselves

  1. i have always thought its more than sex, its about power, trust, devotion, serving with other factors. Not just sex…… gesshhhh….those kind of women totally ruin it for us slaves.

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