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The Mind Fuck

Ah, the art of the mind fuck. It’s a harsh term but the mind fuck is one of the most powerful and addictive forces in our lifestyle. Getting the submissive’s mind to start churning in anticipation of something to come often carries much more impact than the actual event itself.

Think for the moment about how you experience. You have sensations, thoughts and you store those experiences in your mind. A past experience is holistic. It includes everything about that moment or that sequence of moments. Touch, smell, taste, the temperature, sight, sounds, body posture, thoughts, emotions… everything.

Now, when we think of a future experience, we tend to focus our thoughts of it but imagine that a complete thought of a future event could be inserted into your mind that would include the same holistic aspects of a past memory.

Would you be able to tell the difference?

Would it matter?

Ok, we can’t do that but if you’re skilled, you can still make quite an impact.

Consider this: Try taking away a major sense from a submissive… sight, for example. The rest of the senses now have to represent that holistic memory. Now think of whispering this… “Before you can see again, I’m going to have you wet that blindfold with your tears.”
If the submissive is already in a position to be spanked or flogged or whipped and are already undressed, the thoughts, emotions and other physical sensations are already part of the holistic experience. The submissive’s mind starts filling in the blanks.

If you add some sounds or you add some more thoughts of what will come, you don’t need to do much more. In fact, less is more when you’re thinking of a mind-fuck. You don’t want to try to create all aspects of the future memory, you want to give it enough clues that the mind fills in all the blanks on its own.

You can add a visual cue or a verbal reminder. It can be very subtle. For example, if you’re looking online at a picture of something you’ve never done before you might say “Hmmm, interesting, isn’t it? You should memorize that picture.” The mind leaps into overdrive. Or, you can ask what seems like an innocent question a week before a play party, “Say, have you ever been displayed having an orgasm?”. The mind fills in in the obvious blanks.

If you figure I’m making this up, don’t be silly. If you have ever been on a flight simulator ride such as Disney’s Star Tours, you know that this is the premise of this kind of entertainment. In the research for creating Star Tours, George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg discovered that the human body can detect a 1/2 degree change in pitch (the angle of the surface we’re standing on). Then if you give the body visual cues in the form of a video that matches the tiny movements, (even when it’s animated) the mind will fill in the blanks and inform the brain that the events are actually happening. There’s a lot of research that shows that pilots in a flight simulator experience the same physical/emotional stress as they do in actual flying. Flight simulators are a pilot’s mind-fuck.

One of the great thing about the mind-fuck is that it has the submissive experience the expected event over and over and over and over before you ever get to it. But, just like any other scene, you’ve got to be appreciative of the impact you’re making. A mind-fuck can have a tremendous emotional and psychological impact. If you don’t respect that, you can end up with a super-upset person and wonder what happened. I’ve had someone burst into tears as something was about to start because I’d had them working it for days in her mind. Now, it wasn’t unexpected so I was able to include it in the scene and know the aftercare has to allow for both the physical and emotional impact.

This came from another blogger that is on google.. here is the link, it is very well written.





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