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Dominant Verses Vanilla

I woke up this morning early as always, I sleep about 3 to 4 hours a night for what ever reason, then every six months or so I am out for like twelve hours, go figure. I got up at 3.30am I went to bed at midnight, after watching jeeps creepers, Wow I sit through the whole movie.

I got up made a pot of coffee and hit the river, yup fishing, that is where all my thinking is done. I standing there thinking you fucking dumb ass your the only one here. All my friends are still sleeping. WOW

I start thinking about the last couple of years , things have not really gone my way. What me noway things never go wrong with me? Well most of the time I think things out two or three times before acting, I look at the choices and consequences.{ Dom Verses Vanilla } A dominant will think things out more clearly than a vanilla will, most vanilla men just act and worry about the consequences later. It is true.

Okay I made some mistakes, bad judgement calls. Suck it up dude, live with it, the bottom line is I learned it cost me a ton of money but I learned…

So I bait the hook again the fucking crabs keep taking my bait, what a waist. So I am thinking more I go back 5 years ago, ahh my baby girl. Bea yea those were the days I had never been happier in my life.

I remember when I first met Bea, I was at spencers I collected KISS stuff Coffee mugs, Hats, everything. I was walking out of spencers three bags and Bea just walks into me, knocks everything out of my hands, I said you stupid bitch, wow Vanilla moment , Bea starts to pick things up, I yelled leave my shit along, go fuck someones else’s shit up.

So I am at the food court, yea a Big mac , a tap on the shoulder, I turn around OMG NO its her again the she devil. I look and say what the fuck do you want, { I want to buy you lunch } Oh so you try to break my shit now you want to poison me. { vanilla moment } Okay I said order this is what I want, she replied YES SIR. what  hmmm .

Sorry this is long its just me. When I tell a story I tell a story, it gets better I promise, well maybe!

So we are eating, talking, How old are you? She replied 18 , well fuck me just my luck. okay it is just lunch, but I am thinking man she is fucking fine, long straight black hair, the palest skin I have ever seen, long black dress, black finger nail polish WOW. Yup Goth, dumb but goth.

I finish eating time to go, I grab my shit,and start walking out Unlock the door to my 1977 fiat, why lock the door the top is down, really, serious, did I just do that. Tap on the shoulder, I turned around, what now,can I have your number she ask. No you cant have my number, look little girl i am 37 your 18 go home leave me alone.

A month passes I am getting ready to leave work, I worked for MBNA bank I ran a call center for them anyway, I go to unlock my car, I am thinking are you serious the top is down. I start to back out I look to the left and guess who. What the fuck do you want ? Let me buy you dinner. Leave me alone what part of that did you not understand, she replied let me buy you dinner. I said okay Out Back, she agreed, well fuck me, she walks around opens the door and gets in.

Wow a different black dress long black roses all over the top, and paul stanley boots. whew.

Okay we were together almost seven years the most complete I had ever felt.

Here is the moral of the story, Bea moves in with me, the most compliant submissive I have ever met.

We need a box to put all your toys in, I agreed, she hands me a drawing I look it is a 4 ft coffin the old shape, instead of saying anything I said okay.{ Dominant verses vanilla } No questions asked so Saturday I am in the garage, it takes me a couple of hours it is done. Bea sanded it painted it yes black, inside red velvet. I hung it on the wall, she put every thing up.

Okay now there is a 4ft coffin hanging on my wall, not weird. Well maybe a little. There has to be other people with a coffin in there bedroom.

So I we are getting ready for bed, I shower, I go outside, sit down lite a cigar a small jack and coke just thinking, yes Bea sitting at my side on the ground. she knows this is my thinking time, she stays quite just sitting there. I am thinking it has been less than a month, I am happy and content. I still have not seen Bea fully nude as of yet, believe that a year we have known each other, still have not seen fully nude,but I understand her, well somewhat, she is always covered from the neck down, to her feet.  {Dominant Verses Vanilla } Did you catch the nude part?

Friday I was not feeling well so I went home early, I get out of my car and I hear the most god awful music coming out of our place, what have you done dude. Anyway I unlock the door, walk to the kitchen pour a glass of ice tea, made fresh daily, even if I don’t drink any.

I walk down the hall and the bedroom door is shut,hmm okay I open it, Bea is in shock, she gets frantic starts crying. Girl what are you doing, come here, I hold her tight. Bea is a cutter, yup, that is why I have not seen her fully nude, her arms and chest. Bea what is wrong girl talk to me. .{ Dominant verses vanilla } you notice there. I did not lose my cool.

So I had to put a plan together, I have never been in a situation like this, Okay I am lost here.  Wow it just gets deeper and deeper.

So I set down and come up with a plan, Vile is going to do some micromanagement, set aside 1.5 hours a day to just talk.{ Dominant verses vanilla }.

I spend the next couple of days compiling a list, it covers everything, time to get up, eat breakfast what to wear, you get the idea, she stayed busy. I controlled every movement Bea made, and she complied without question. Everyday she would meet me at the door kneeling head down, this was going on way before the list.

Getting ready for bed, TV in the bedroom bad idea, Bea wanted it. Now she is wearing a normal gown well what was normal to her, long black, with see fishnet arms and chest. She gets up goes to the kitchen I hear the microwave. Bea walks back in sits on the bed and hands me a baby bottle, she says hold me and feed me.I am thinking WOW but I say nothing she lays under my arm and I begin feeding her. {Dominant verses vanilla } As I am feeding her she dozes off fast to sleep. This was a nightly thing. She felt comfortable enough with me to come to me, she was able to be this open.

The next night getting ready for bed, Bea comes in with her bottle, starts to lay down and says read to me, I reply well we do not have a book. Bea handed me the wizard of Oz. What ? okay she lays in my arm, and I begin to read.{ Dominant verses vanilla } Again she trusted me enough to come to me, with her needs, this was not a want but a need.

So on top of the micromanagement our 1.5 hrs a day of conversation night time. Things are going pretty good, she seems happier, able to open up, I knew things her parents did not know, her best friends did not know.

Bea walks into the bedroom bottle and book in hand, black and red gown. I take the book and bottle she starts to get in bed, I said no. she looked at me confused. I said strip, now. Bea shook her head as if no, I said strip, before I do it. The gown comes off, I say hold your arms out. I stand and look. Good girl, no new cuts. Good girl. My plan has paid off.

Just a couple of years before Beas parents had her committed because of the cutting, they gave her random drug test, yelled at her, stopped her from seeing her friends. They did not look at the real problem, it was them.

I am sorry for the long story, I hope you got the jest of what I was saying.

In my time I had never been a Daddy Dom, never wanted to, hey love does some fucked up things.I cared enough though. That is what a good dominant does. Right?

Cherish what you have..




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