Finding your new Potential Partner

Today it is really hard to find a partner who is real in the lifestyle, 10 years ago the place to was BDSM social web sites, such as ALT.com, or CM. Today they are full of spam,and seems to be an open meat market.

I as a Dominant have met several in the last couple of months, Now to me personality means more than anything, well to a limit..

Back in January , met a submissive at red lobster, what was to be a nice dinner turned into probably one of my worst nights ever. I arrived about a half hour early, waiting hoping things would go well, and catch a movie after dinner.

In walked in my date, the ice melted in my mouth. We had to move to a table, because she could not fit in the booth, I am wondering how much money I brought with me…

As we began to talk the 45 year old submissive began telling me about herself. She was on disability, for manic depression, well okay. she explained she was on a diet and losing. yea. Her blood sugar was 412  when she got up at noon, in time to watch Jerry Springer. It gets better.

She explained she was a slave not a submissive, she wanted to serve, well I am guessing as long as it is after 12pm.

She continued I cannot stand for more than 20 minutes her knees give out, I cannot kneel because of the circulation in my legs. I cannot have sex doggy style because i get dizzy.

While she is talking I am pointing out the appetizers, she is not going for it, ill be broke for a month, no movie.

Then she says I saw in your profile you like ball gags, well I cant do gags because of my TMJ. Wow you know why didn’t you tell me all of this before we met, she goes on Hot Wax makes me break out, at this point I am just starring in disbelief. I know you like bondage, but nothing around my ankles, there swollen, and you cannot tie my arms behind my back, I have bursitis in my shoulders.

She then ask me why I liked all the things I listed, I looked at her and said why do you like cheese on your burger, well I cant have cheese I am lactose intolerant.

Incredible, I was hoping space junk would fall through the roof, somebody shoot me, now most of the time, I am very out spoken, I offend a lot of people, I am not a people person, but I was in so much disbelief it was like I was in shock, more so because of the 15yr old pic that was recent.

Guys a word of wise ask to see a picture of there mother first, this will solve a lot of problems.

Why would someone want to bring another into a relationship, with all these problems going on, more so medical, and could die while eating dinner.

I met another just before Christmas last year, this time dustins barbeque , again a half hour early. Low and behold walks in a woman who is just Fucking Wow. 5′ 6 long blonde hair, maybe 110 lbs at most, the pretties blue eyes you had ever seen, a skirt  wow.

We were talking things were going okay an awesome personality, laughed very beautiful smile. I am thinking this is good. After dinner we will take a ride to the light house, an awesome place at night, the view is unreal.

So I ask what type of work do you do, she reply’s, work with 4 kids are you kidding me ,she went on well I have 6 children but 2 live with my mother. Fuck me man. Okay 25 years old 6 kids hmm.

She went on wow I am really hungry I said really , she said yea jail house food really sucks..Jail ! She said yea I was with my ex and we got pulled over, they found meth in my purse but it was not mine., where is the fat one at?

She said you live in a house yes, yup I sure do. How many bedrooms ? I said not enough. Then she asked me if I had 55.00 dollars for tomorrow because she had to pay her probation officer, are you kidding me ?

I have this confused look on my face. What has the world come to ? She then ask me if I brought a collar she was ready to be my all, my submissive, my slave.

Yea I am just looking for friends right now, have a good night…



3 comments on “Finding your new Potential Partner

  1. Reblogged this on Ramblings of Everything and commented:
    This is what I need!!!!**hugs hugs hugs & a kiss**

  2. That first date was really gawd awful, to even read about. I feel sorry because she was apparently missing a screw. As for her weight, some men do prefer BBW, they find them beautiful and skinny girls repulsive. Everyone has their own taste. I am impressed you stayed as long as you did. You should have faked an emergency and saved your money. When I was young I answered a personal ad for fun. It was very cleverly written and I was sick of my boyfriend, at the time. The guy and I talked for weeks on the phone, we hit it off well. Joyous and playful conversation. He said he was handsome and his exact words, “You will NOT be disappointed.” I will never trust those words again. We finally went on our date. His face, looked as if he was a burn victim. Freddy Krueger was less frightening to look at. I sat through the entire date too. Dinner and a comedy club. Next day, flowers delivered to me. It was hard to hurt him. I Never did that blind dating thing again.

  3. You know I am really not much on looks, well to a point. Personality means so much more to me. To misrepresent yourself is so wrong.

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