More on EGO Driven Dominants

I posted yesterday about Dominants or masters who are ego driven, which in most cases, include abuse, be it verbal, or more so physical. Verbal abuse can be just as bad as any type of physical. Then

Then we have the predators, who prey on submissive women or slaves because they assume they are weak, or in need. Once in the relationship, its more about abuse, or just using until the guy grows tired.

I am not sure why some men think or feel this way, with the exception there just thinking with there dicks.

Here is what a submissive sent me, a couple of emails sent from so called Masters, I am sure this will blow your mind, since this is an introduction letter, trying to get to know her…

Journal Entries:
4/15/2012 9:22:49 PM [Report Entry]
This is an email I received the other day here on CM. For those of you who have read my profile or know me can just imagine the reaction I had when I read this email. this is the first contact with this guy…I am dumbfounded….really, seriously….sometimes I just want to laugh…….

His message:

I saw your profile and wanted to reply. I’m a 49y/o naturally dominant & sadistic SWM, I’m extremely strict, firm, demanding, perverted & have no issues whatsoever in beating, degrading, humiliating & abusing my meat whore for my pleasure or as discipline. My slave will be trained in all aspects of what pleases me, how to act, dress, eat, etc…. I am 100% sincere in who I am and what I seek, so read my profile in its entirety and if the interest is mutual, let me know.

This message I received on today:

You are the kind of plump Jewish Princess I love to take home and abuse all night and treat like a filthy and worthless cunt!! Something so sexy about you that screams “slave” “meat” “pathetic cunt” & “filthy whore”. I’d love to tie you up and fist your cunt & asshole till they are raw. Then douse them with Tabasco and hear you scream and watch you cum and squirt and piss everywhere. Then as you pant and sob, totally exhausted, look into my eyes and say “give me more you piece of shit”. So I slap you in the face and start abusing your holes again. I want to sit and piss in your face then kiss you passionately.

Kisses, Ned

WTF is with these men lately. This is the 2nd email I have received this week calling me “meat” and “whore”. If this is the class of Dom males that are available to me, I prefer to stay single!!!!!

1/26/2012 10:07:19 PM [Report Entry]
One of things that just gets me is why does someone take the time to message you, talk to you, email you and go through the motions, answer the questions and just disappear.  Profile totally gone!  I dont get it!  I am so sick of fakes!!!!!!  I am not going to play anymore games. This is my life, this is who I am, and I am tired of being hurt, used and discarded.  Just saying!!!!!!

12/3/2011 8:10:36 PM [Report Entry]
Sometimes I am amazed at how rude, hateful and just plain ignorant people can be.  I received a message tonight from COVER012 which said nothing more than “another idiot.”  I responded by saying “excuse me?” He responded back with “dont bore me”  I responded back with “not to worry, I will ignore you.  Yes, you are just another idiot.”  He responded back with “oink”.  He is now blocked..

I have never chatted with him, had any emails from him prior to this message and I dont think that my photos, profile or anything in general should have caused him to feel he needed to say the things he did to me..things like this are the reason I left collarme before.




4 comments on “More on EGO Driven Dominants

  1. Those letters made me laugh so much. I think they wrote them thinking that is what she wanted to hear. Or they are just so stupid. Better she found out in the first letter than a few months down the road, right? Gosh.

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  3. After I got over my initial slack-jawed response, this is what I have to say. I am speaking from experience when I say that verbal and emotional abuse is 100% as bad as physical abuse. In my opinion, FAR worse. Bruises heal far more quickly than a crushed spirit. In or outside of the BDSM world, it makes no difference. There will always be ego-driven predators. I am just thankful that I am smart enough to see through the act. Then again, some idiots are easier to see through than others.

    • I agree with you, I see no reason for any type of abuse but verbal and emotional is far worse.
      I mentor several, and have gotten out of bed at 3am to go pick up someone who had met a dom online, and were beaten, even raped.
      It has become a very sad world, the morals are all but gone, we have become an I only matter society. It is all about me. Just like a couple of years ago, a black woman in the ER died she laid there for 3 hours, with people just walking over her and not even bothering to check on her, only when the security guard was called to ask her to leave did they find out she was dead.

      It is basically the same way with a submissive or slave, with the physical, mental or verbal, you die inside, and to them it seems no one cares people are just walking past without a thought..

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