The Proper Use Of A Flogger

This is a type of play most submissives or slave truly enjoy. The idea of this play is to release endorphin’s in your partner. Many times a Dominant will just pick one up and just start whaling away inflicting pain, this is not what you are trying to accomplish .

Aside from my firm conviction that Floggers are for Backs (and occasionally for fronts, which I write about at that link elsewhere here in the Dungeon Zone), I also have often been flabbergasted and ruefully amazed by the lack of technique displayed by various Tops and Dominants who apparently couldn’t aim a flogger’s tails consistently if their lives depended on it.

They also quickly wear themselves out with so much physical activity that it is no wonder they can only last ten minutes or so in a scene, while endorphin levels require far more time than that to build up to appreciable levels to be deeply felt by the one being flogged. Proper flogging technique goes beyond just looking good, like some kind of dancer in a Spanish Inquisition-themed musical theater number. Proper technique is about building endorphin levels for a bottom responsibly enough to stick with it until the deed is truly done. They really need to learn how to use a flogger!

I really just want people to get this right in higher numbers than I’ve witnessed to date. Read on to learn how to do flogging right.

. . .

The point of flogging is to strike a specific area of the back repeatedly with accuracy to allow a build-up of endorphins to take place. Then we move to another spot and give it a few flails. Then we move to still another.

At no time do we ever strike the area where the kidneys are, three to five inches above the buttocks line. We avoid ever wrapping the flails of the flogger over the tops of the shoulders or around the subject’s sides, or if we are flogging the front, we avoid wrapping around the sides or over the shoulders from that direction as well. Wrapping this way accelerates the speed of the tips enormously, creating an unintentionally extremely painful effect that will NOT be appreciated by your victim at all.

You want to strike only the place you had intended to.

To do this with repeatable accuracy, stand squarely with feet planted firmly on the ground. Stand up erect and proud, like a Titan, a King or Queen, or an Amazon!

Raise the arm holding the flogger handle regally. It can help to hold the tails of the flogger with the other hand, gathering them into your palm and tugging gently against your other hand.

Now, gently drop your arm downwards as you release the flails with the other hand. Thats all – just a gentle drop of the arm to check your landing position of the falls. Did they strike where you had intended? If not, move your feet, not your upper body, to adjust. No leaning forward! No turning at the waist! No reaching with the shoulders! (I’ll explain why not in a moment.)

Once the landing is affirmed to be correct, continue to stand regal, tall and proud, raise the flogger arm again, take hold of the tails, and let your arm drop again, this time with more speed.

Repeat this and marvel at how the flogger lands in the exact same place every time!

Do you wish to move the position of the flogger? Do not do so by changing your arm’s drop angle. Do not “reach” with your upper body, or twist the body in any way. Move your feet! Then regain that regal stance of pride and control, of firmness and deity-like compassion, and raise the arm up, and let it drop gently to test the position. Is the landing position correct? Then raise the arm once again, and let it drop with more force this time.

If you want to strike with even more force, simply assist the arm’s dropping movement with an easy, accelerating muscle tension push to make the arm drop even faster.

Raise the arm and repeat again. Isn’t this remarkable? You are hitting the exact same spot over and over again with accuracy and precision! And it is nearly effortless! EFFORTLESS! You could easily last two hours working your subject in this manner.




2 comments on “The Proper Use Of A Flogger

  1. Hmmm….flogging. Something I have been fantasized about many times since becoming curious about BDSM. Specifically a suede flogger.

  2. I have several floggers, leather and suede. I tend to switch up durning a session.

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