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The Munch Last Night

You know I am not one to blow my cool, in fact I cannot remember the last time I blew my top,  and I am not one to make a scene.

I have not gotten out much due to a car accident I was in last June, but the last couple of months I have felt like going out. So 4pm Friday a friend of mine called and ask if I would take her, it was her first munch, she is not really learning, just interested.

We went to get our food, and sat down, an old friend wanted to talk to me, so we stepped outside, we spoke maybe 20 minutes, walked back in, and I am going to say this guy is sitting in my chair, I am like can I help you, the guy said, I call him a guy , because he surely cannot be a dominant or master, he tells me he gave her his number and email, she is new to the lifestyle and maybe he could help.

I am like dude are you serious are your real ? Well we had a few choice words, and he sat back down. We are eating and she tells me he is making hr nervous he keeps starring at her, okay wow.

So I get up and sit next to the guy, and we talk, the rest of the people are somewhat comfortable I can tell. I get up and say you know what not only are you a dumb ass not only are you stupid, and no your not going to get to fuck her, I am not going to get to fuck her, because hes a lesbian you fucking retard.

Unreal fucking unreal, Thinking with his dick.  I replied back to someone else a while ago He made a comment about protocol.

If you cannot lead, if you cannot teach, if you cannot respect others , if you cannot think with anything besides your dick. How can you seriously stand up and introduce yourself as a master ?



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