To all Slave and Submissives

I am on who is short and to the point, and I only have one question. What the fuck are you doing ? Now we all know when meeting someone one new, the whole meeting things is all about safety or I thought is was.

I know sometimes we just do not think, we fail to look at the whole picture, maybe a brain cramp, brain freeze, or it just never crossed your mind.

Today the internet is an awesome tool for meeting people. It has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It makes it easier to be who we really are, we seem to open up a bit more, express our needs and wants more.

So you meet someone on a social site, can be very vanilla like Eharmony  , ALT.com. You chat for a while you kinda like the one your chatting with. Now comes the big step . Lets email. NOT.

Now most do not think about this you have just giving me your email addy. You know what I have most of your life in my hands.

Okay now I have your Facebook , I now have your twitter, and if people still use myspace. I know where you work, what state, city, and or town.

I can put in your email address hit search, then images guess what ? Yup am I going to find nudes, pictures of your kids , family.

Please pick a email, do not use it for anything else, only people you wish to make contact with, never give out your last name.

This am a slave contacted me, yup I have her email. She lives maybe 30 minutes from me, really smoking hot mean wow..

So I am on facebook I copy her email paste and guess what. She is married, she does live where she say she does. Her hubby is in the army stationed in NY, has two kids, I know where she works because that was posted. I found her twitter, yup shes a hoe. I bet hubby does not know,

Am I going to see her ? Nope I have no interest in wrecking a family , let the bitch do it herself, let her take the fall, the blame. Fucking shame on her.

Ladies are you serious ? Come on , Think.



5 comments on “To all Slave and Submissives

  1. my problem is the opposite. I find it very hard to trust others. Sir used to say don’t ever reveal you are a submissive untill you two know each other very well and truly trust each other, unless you wanna get date raped. Sigh, the chance of finding another one who knows exactly what I need and enjoys giving it, on a vanilla site…

  2. I disagree with him, on this and here is my reason. Lets say you meet someone on what you call a vanilla site, you spend time getting to know each other. After a month or so you reveal who and what you are. There are some vanilla men who just do not understand , your way of thinking , or they think something is wrong , or just maybe they see this as an easy way for abuse.
    Sometime ago Butterfly I use to see a lot of married women , and no it was not sexual. These women had come clean about who they really were, or things they wanted to try , and there husbands thought there was something wrong with them , they were sick. They just did not understand.
    So we would have sessions , bondage, spanking, even some humiliation. They loved there husbands very much and were very content , just the other they were missing.
    Again it was not about sex , it was about what they needed to feel complete.

    I have changed I had a married woman contact me yesterday under false pretenses , this is what I wrote about yesterday , she gave me her email , and I was able to look her up. I told her she should be ashamed , and to talk to her husband , if it could not be resolved suck it up , or leave..
    Here is my suggestion Butterfly , without having to join what you call a vanilla site.
    Attend some like minded functions munchs and events , meet prospective Dominants that way you can pick and choose and get advice from other submissives about single doms, at least this way your on somewhat of a level playing field.


    • Thanks Vile! I will dig out the local munchs and events one day, when I find my courage back.
      No I am not going to get married with any vanilla man and then sneak behind his back, never.
      (BTW, what happened? just saw your latest post.)

  3. Very good advice

  4. Well thank you Olivia.

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