I want to thank everyone for reading my stupid blogs

Thank everyone for taking the time to read , all I ever really cared about was the safety of submissives and slave..

It has come to my attention that my blogs are no longer welcome here, so it is time to say good by.

Everyone take care and be safe.



5 comments on “I want to thank everyone for reading my stupid blogs

  1. Drama Queen much? No one said anything about you or your blog posts being unwelcome. However, what isn’t appreciated is text bombing people with a dozen messages when they’re asleep, and then getting pissed off and throwing a temper tantrum on here when they don’t reply in a timely manner. Not everyone is attached to their computer or cell phone 24/7/365. Some people have lives away from here.

    Grow up, I know 12 year olds with more maturity. If you’re going to leave, then leave. But don’t post on here telling the world about it, that just shows you want attention.

  2. I don’t think your blogs have been stupid in the least. I really enjoy all the posts here.

  3. I’m not sure what happened, but I know I enjoyed reading your blogs.

  4. Words of anger from others can often affect me more than they should. Not sure why that is, or what happened with you, but hopefully you come back– in this blog or another!

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