Orlando Named Smuttiest City

This article in Men’s Health lists the smuttiest cities:

Most porn films may be shot in the L.A. area, but their biggest audience is  in Orlando. We know what you’re thinking: How can the home of G-rated theme  parks be skin-flick central? It seems that while tourists line up at a  kid-friendly fantasy world, the locals prefer one in which Snow White and the  dwarfs whistle while they… well, you know.
We peered through a  statistical peephole to tabulate the following criteria: the number of DVDs  purchased, rented, or streamed (AdultDVDEmpire.com); adult entertainment stores  per city (StorErotica.net); rate of porn searches (Google Insights); and, for  fans of soft-core, percentage of Cinemax-subscribing households (SimplyMap). Not  only were Orlando folks the randiest residents, but Florida was also the most  salacious state.
Love to  Look
1. Orlando,  FL

2. Las Vegas, NV

3. Wilmington,  DE

4. Raleigh, NC

5. Charlotte,  NC

6. Minneapolis, MN

7. Atlanta,  GA

8. Tampa, FL

9. Anchorage,  AK

10. Austin, TX

11. Boise, ID

12. Miami,  FL

13. Houston, TX

14. Columbia,  SC

15. Dallas, TX

16. Portland,  OR

17. San Diego, CA

18. Cleveland,  OH

19. Sacramento, CA

20. Baltimore,  MD

21. Providence, RI

22. Durham,  NC

23. San Francisco, CA

24. Wichita,  KS

25. Columbus, OH

26. Plano,  TX

27. Manchester, NH

28. Jersey City,  NJ

29. St. Paul, MN

30. Madison, WI

31. Cheyenne, WY

32. Denver,  CO

33. Chicago, IL

34. Philadelphia,  PA

35. Rochester, NY

36. Tucson,  AZ

37. Reno, NV

38. Riverside,  CA

39. Bakersfield, CA

40. New Orleans,  LA

41. Omaha, NE

42. Seattle,  WA

43. Milwaukee, WI

44. Greensboro,  NC

45. Fort Worth, TX

46. Oklahoma City,  OK

47. Pittsburgh, PA

48. Colorado  Springs, CO

49. Nashville, TN

50.  Phoenix, AZ

51. Honolulu, HI

52. Jacksonville,  FL

53. Anaheim, CA

54. Tulsa,  OK

55. Aurora, CO

56. Lexington,  KY

57. Bridgeport, CT

58. Buffalo,  NY

59. Portland, ME

60. St. Petersburg,  FL

61. San Jose, CA

62. Billings,  MT

63. Virginia Beach, VA

64.  Albuquerque, NM

65. St. Louis, MO

66.  Kansas City, MO

67. Fresno, CA

68. Sioux  Falls, SD

69. Los Angeles, CA

70.  Louisville, KY

71. Salt Lake City, UT

72. Stockton,  CA

73. San Antonio, TX

74. Little Rock,  AR

75. Memphis, TN

76. New York,  NY

77. Corpus Christi, TX

78.  Indianapolis, IN

79. Oakland, CA

80.  Washington, DC

81. Cincinnati, OH

82. Birmingham,  AL

83. Boston, MA

84. Burlington,  VT

85. Des Moines, IA

86. Detroit,  MI

87. Fort Wayne, IN

88. Chesapeake,  VA

89. Newark, NJ

90. El Paso,  TX

Avert Their  Eyes

91. Norfolk,  VA

92. Fargo, ND

93. Lincoln,  NE

94. Toledo, OH

95. Laredo,  TX

96. Lubbock, TX

97. Charleston,  WV

98. Winston-Salem, NC

99. Baton  Rouge, LA

100. Jackson, MS

Access Denied

Thanks to high-speed Internet, a pornucopia of X-rated flicks is a few clicks  away—unless your city is listed here with an asterisk. These places fall into  Adult DVD Empire’s no-stream category, a restriction companies put in place to  avoid being charged with violating community standards. But these standards were  meant for mail-order porn, says obscenity law attorney Jeffrey J. Douglas, and  shouldn’t apply online. Petition your politicians to stop the Net-nannying.


Kids’ peeking at Dad’s porn stash is so last century. In a U.K. survey, one  in four boys (and one in five girls) reported viewing adult-only sites on their  phones. Shield your child’s eyes with the Mobicip Safe Browser app (mobicip.com, $5, Android or iOS). It uses age-based  filtering to block sites and is recommended by the Parents’ Choice  Foundation.


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4 comments on “Orlando Named Smuttiest City

  1. Yes indeed. I live 45 minutes from Orlando in “blue” county (no porn) and it is amazing to see all of the adult emporiums and strip clubs down there. They do however keep them seperate from the attractions as much as possible.

    In almost all of the thousands of hotels in Orlando however you can order porn movies all you want. So we have from the Mouse to the ….. Welcome to Orlando “Where dreams and fantasys really do come true”

  2. May I repost to another site?

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