I want to thank everyone for reading my stupid blogs

Thank everyone for taking the time to read , all I ever really cared about was the safety of submissives and slave.. It has come to my attention that my blogs are no longer welcome here, so it is time to say good by. Everyone take care and be safe. Vile

To all Slave and Submissives

I am on who is short and to the point, and I only have one question. What the fuck are you doing ? Now we all know when meeting someone one new, the whole meeting things is all about safety or I thought is was. I know sometimes we just do not think, we fail […]

The Munch Last Night

You know I am not one to blow my cool, in fact I cannot remember the last time I blew my top,  and I am not one to make a scene. I have not gotten out much due to a car accident I was in last June, but the last couple of months I have […]

Positional Protocol Training

A week or so ago I went over a few slave positions. I have been reading up on the Gorean lifestyle and there protocol. The protocol is something that is all but gone in our community, I know I keep bringing that up, but it just irks me to no end. In the Gorean Lifestyle […]

I truly believe this

Why A Gorean Slave

I have just recently began doing research on the Gorean slaves. It is not the lifestyle that intrigues me as much as the protocol, which as really gone to crap as far as the BDSM lifestyle. I was sitting outside yesterday sipping courvoisier congnac smoking a good cigar, and a munch came to mind I […]

Total Power Exchange

An article I ran across I found to be very interesting.. The problems with the definition of abuse within an Absolute and Total Power Exchange commitment/relationship is very clear. Abuse is completely subjective. Everyone has different perceptions, principles and standards, as well as different needs, wants and kinks. So, lets look at some commonly used […]