To all Slave and Submissives

I am on who is short and to the point, and I only have one question. What the fuck are you doing ? Now we all know when meeting someone one new, the whole meeting things is all about safety or I thought is was. I know sometimes we just do not think, we fail […]

The Submissive meets a new Dominant

So your meeting a new submissive, you may have met her on craigslist, maybe plenty of fish, I doubt Eharmony eh maybe possible. I think Eharmony blocked me. I talk to a lot of submissives or slaves who were meeting a new dom, and hoping to start a relationship, there looking for the one. Before […]

More on EGO Driven Dominants

I posted yesterday about Dominants or masters who are ego driven, which in most cases, include abuse, be it verbal, or more so physical. Verbal abuse can be just as bad as any type of physical. Then Then we have the predators, who prey on submissive women or slaves because they assume they are weak, […]

Finding your new Potential Partner

Today it is really hard to find a partner who is real in the lifestyle, 10 years ago the place to was BDSM social web sites, such as ALT.com, or CM. Today they are full of spam,and seems to be an open meat market. I as a Dominant have met several in the last couple […]

Are some Master Ego Driven Or not Real

I was invited to a play party several months ago, and no I did not take part, I went as a presenter. I was speaking on protocol, which in the lifestyle today has been thrown out the fucking door. Anyway I had been speaking for about 20 min. This Dom walked in probably in his […]

Is your Master Abusing you

It is all to often a Submissive or slave is in awe of her master. They love him dearly, he can do no wrong. Your new to the lifestyle and very eager to learn and please, you have craved the lifestyle, you wanted to be owned, controlled , used at your Masters hands, you want […]

Female Slaves During Greek Times

Slavery was a very important part of ancient Greece. It played a major role in so many aspects of Greek civilization from domestic living to the infamous Athenian naval fleet. The price one might have paid for a slave in ancient Greek times varied depending on their appearance, age and attitude. Those who were healthy, […]