Plus Sized College Student Claims Discrimination

self-described “plus sized” college student who was told she was “obviously pregnant” and “not pretty enough” to dance on a platform in a bar in Iowa is claiming she was discriminated against by the bar’s bouncers. Jordan Ramos, a 21-year-old University of Iowa student said she went to         Union Bar in Iowa City, Iowa with […]

Why A Gorean Slave

I have just recently began doing research on the Gorean slaves. It is not the lifestyle that intrigues me as much as the protocol, which as really gone to crap as far as the BDSM lifestyle. I was sitting outside yesterday sipping courvoisier congnac smoking a good cigar, and a munch came to mind I […]

Chinese Foot Binding Almost Gone

From the cultural construction of beauty department: For almost a millennium, the practice of foot binding was prevalent across Chinese society, starting with the wealthier classes but over the years spreading down through urban and then poorer rural communities. Now the ancient, some say barbaric, practice is almost gone. […] Yang Yang, who was born […]

Charles Barkely in Drag for Weight Watchers

Since I recently posted about how it seems more acceptable for men than women to be fat, I thought I’d post about this new ad that is coming out for Weight Watchers. It’s Charles Barkely, in drag, promoting Weight Watchers to men. He lost 42 lbs using Weight Watchers.

Why is Being Fat More Acceptable for Men than Women?

I was having a conversation about this last night with a gay relative of mine. He informed me that, yes, it’s true, to an extent, the gay community has different (higher?) standards of fashion, staying in shape, etc., than the straight community. We also talked about subcultural differences in communities of color. My relative informed […]

Maybe Kneecaps Can Be Sexy, After All

In responce to my post on photoshopping out knees caps, here’s a bit of better news. Today’s word of the day at the Center for Sexual Health and Pleasure is: Gonyphilous: sexually attracted to knees. Derived from Greek gony (knee) and philein (to love).

I Guess Kneecaps Just Aren’t Sexy

Photoshop nightmares. Forever 21 is featuring an advertisement for skirts where the model has no kneecaps. I’m all about looking your best, but this is impossible.