States Where Sodomy is Illegal

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“Homophobic? Maybe You’re Gay”

There’s an interesting article at the New York Times on some sexuality studies indicating that homophobic people often have same-sex desires. WHY are political and religious figures who campaign against gay rights so often implicated in sexual encounters with same-sex partners? In recent years, Ted Haggard, an evangelical leader who preached that homosexuality was a […]

Best Cock on the Block

Ah, memories. A song from my college days. Yes, indeed, I saw Bitch and Animal in concert when they opened for Ani DiFranco. Happy Saturday, everyone!

Study Suggests Women Are More Affected By Being in the Closet Than Men

I dated a girl for the first time in Middle School. At the time, I lived in a highly homophobic area. My girlfriend’s mom was very supportive. So, when I went over to my girlfriend’s house, everything between us seemed normal and fine. This helped me deal with the homophobia around me. So, from my […]

“Sexually Perverse” Show Will Go On

A drag show is scheduled for Wednesday at the University of San Diego. One man has been urging the president of the university to put a stop to the show, calling it “sexually perverse.” “The teachings on Catholic social justice do not align with this event, and anyone with a formed Christian conscience cannot approve […]

Another Study on Repressed Homoerotic Tendencies in Homophobes

It seems like a few times a year I read a study about how conservatives or explicit homophobes are more aroused by gay porn and other such things. The Advocate reports on a new study that suggests explicitly homophobic people are less in touch with their sexuality than more accepting people, and repress their attraction […]

Review of Savage U

Savage U is a new show on MTV about sex. I’ve watched an episode of it and was happy with some of the advice he gave. (For instance, he told a female student with a high libdo to not read Cosmo for tips on how to be a girl. He said that’s like a guy […]