Sex, Love and Robots

I came across this article on sex and relationships with simulated humans: It’s hard to think of a more attention-grabbing title than “Robots, Men, and Sex Tourism”—especially in the academic world. Written by researchers from New Zealand’s University of Wellington and published recently in the journal Futures, the paper predicts that in the decades to […]

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Sex Education as a Human Right

In these days when conservative legislators try to foist abstinence-only sex education on young people (kudos to Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah, who vetoedone such bill), it’s a good time to reiterate that conversations about healthy sexuality need not be confined to a “less is more,” procreation-focused dialogue. Rather, let’s push forward discussions of sexuality […]

This is Your Brain on Love

Loving relationships alter the brain the most significantly. Just consider how much learning happens when you choose a mate. Along with thrilling dependency comes glimpsing the world through another’s eyes; forsaking some habits and adopting others (good or bad); tasting new ideas, rituals, foods or landscapes; a slew of added friends and family; a tapestry […]