States Where Sodomy is Illegal

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Nude Revolutionary Calander

Last November, atheist Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahady posted a nude photo of herself on her blog, tweeting and tagging it #NudePhotoRevolutionary. She and her boyfriend were then criminally charged with “violating morals, inciting indecency and insulting Islam” — spurring activists to “take back the nude photo,” as it were. When blogger and activist Maryam […]

Why is the U.S. So Nutty When it Comes to Sex?

Over at Sexual Intelligence, Dr. Marty Klein offers an answer. Exerpt: Throughout my career, I’ve continually been asked why the U.S. is such a nutty country when it comes to sex. Consider: No one is debating sex education for teens in Holland. No one is questioning the wisdom of birth control in Japan. No one’s […]

What Would Marriage Look Like if People Followed the Bible?

This one is for all the Biblical literalists out there. Let me tell you a secret about Bible believers that I know because I was one. Most of them don’t read their Bibles. If they did, they would know that the biblical model of sex and marriage has little to do with the one they […]

Illinois Necrophilia Ban Advances

Ok, some people may need to get over the “Eww.” factor to think about this one. In a former life, I did work on issues of raparations of Native American corpses that were stolen from their graves and put in our museums. So, thinking about the rights of a corpse, or the rights of the […]

No Sex for You!

 [I]n Spain, high-class escorts have vowed to withhold their services from all banking employees until Spanish banks provide credit to families and small businesses. Spain has been facing an economic crisis for years, and many Spanish citizens are blaming the banks for fueling a housing bubble and profiting from its inevitable burst (sound familiar, U.S.A.?). […]

Republicans Have a Freedom Fetish. So do I.

It’s kind of hard to blog about sexuality without referencing politics. After all, Santorum wants to take away porn and Limbaugh calls people sluts. While I’m not saying Obama is The. Best. Ever., I do think we should look at freedoms he has taken away. Some people say, “None.” Behind the challenges to the Affordable […]