Positional Protocol Training

A week or so ago I went over a few slave positions. I have been reading up on the Gorean lifestyle and there protocol. The protocol is something that is all but gone in our community, I know I keep bringing that up, but it just irks me to no end. In the Gorean Lifestyle […]

Why A Gorean Slave

I have just recently began doing research on the Gorean slaves. It is not the lifestyle that intrigues me as much as the protocol, which as really gone to crap as far as the BDSM lifestyle. I was sitting outside yesterday sipping courvoisier congnac smoking a good cigar, and a munch came to mind I […]

Masters Who Switch

Now I am not close minded in anyway shape or form , as a matter of fact I am probably one of the most open minded Dominant you will ever meet. Let me say something real fast , someone complained to me because I did not speak about gays being in the lifestyle,  now to […]

Why Safewords

I myself when in a long term relationship I do not use safe words. I do not recommend this for new dominants or new submissives. One reason is your still learning. It was some ten years, into the lifestyle when I dropped the safe word system, with only one exception, that is during a session […]

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BDSM And Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation can be fun and erotic. This practice I believe is for a couple who has been in a relationship for sometime, because the trust is there. It can also be used as a training process, and some believe it can be used as a method for healing. I have different views on the […]

Do you like Rimming

Although I am a Dominant, I admire the female body, from head to toe, different areas really turn me on. It can be the eyes, check bones, lips, collar bone, the way the hip bones protrude when laying down, thighs, the pussy lips, the clit, or yes the almighty ASS. The female body is very […]