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The Munch Last Night

You know I am not one to blow my cool, in fact I cannot remember the last time I blew my top,  and I am not one to make a scene.

I have not gotten out much due to a car accident I was in last June, but the last couple of months I have felt like going out. So 4pm Friday a friend of mine called and ask if I would take her, it was her first munch, she is not really learning, just interested.

We went to get our food, and sat down, an old friend wanted to talk to me, so we stepped outside, we spoke maybe 20 minutes, walked back in, and I am going to say this guy is sitting in my chair, I am like can I help you, the guy said, I call him a guy , because he surely cannot be a dominant or master, he tells me he gave her his number and email, she is new to the lifestyle and maybe he could help.

I am like dude are you serious are your real ? Well we had a few choice words, and he sat back down. We are eating and she tells me he is making hr nervous he keeps starring at her, okay wow.

So I get up and sit next to the guy, and we talk, the rest of the people are somewhat comfortable I can tell. I get up and say you know what not only are you a dumb ass not only are you stupid, and no your not going to get to fuck her, I am not going to get to fuck her, because hes a lesbian you fucking retard.

Unreal fucking unreal, Thinking with his dick.  I replied back to someone else a while ago He made a comment about protocol.

If you cannot lead, if you cannot teach, if you cannot respect others , if you cannot think with anything besides your dick. How can you seriously stand up and introduce yourself as a master ?


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One feedee discusses feederism:

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The Dali Lama has a Penis

Recently, The Dali Lama gave an interview in which he said he found women attractive. Over at PsychCentral, there’s an interesting response to the media’s shock that The Dali Lama made such a confession:

I confess I find articles like this both vexing and laugh-out-loud funny.  The article is a summary of Piers Morgan’s exclusive interview with the Dali Lama.

The interview itself is fairly wide-ranging, but apparently the most shocking and surprising thing for the editors of CNN.com is that the Dali Lama (and perhaps, gentle reader,  you should sit down for this)…

…finds women attractive!

(The headline, as of this writing, is “Dali Lama Interview: Women alluring?  “Yes.” I can just imagine the shock in the press room. “STOP THE PRESSES BOYS! WE GOT US AN EXCLUSIVE. Women are attractive? Well, Damn! Whooda thunk it?!? Thank heavens the Dali Lama pointed that out for us.”)

Why is it surprising to people that religious people in general, and celibates in particular, experience sexual attraction?  In Buddhism, bramachariya is the practice of monastic abstinence from sex.  It is done, not out of a hatred for sex or sexuality, but because there are certain things even more desirable than sexual union.

For the Buddhist, that thing which is more desirable is enlightenment.  Simply put, Buddhism teaches that sexual intercourse makes it difficult to quiet the mind and to pursue the detachment that is necessary for true enlightment.

Likewise, for the Catholic priest or religious sisters or brothers, celibacy is not a condemnation of sex.  It is a positive witness to the world of two things.  First, celibacy points to the Eternal Wedding Feast that is Heaven.  The celibate person is a reminder to the world that there are delights beyond that of the body and those delights are so profound, they are worth making sacrifices to attain.

Secondly, the celibate is free to serve the whole world wherever and whenever he or she is needed in ways that a married person simply cannot do.  That doesn’t make the priesthood or religious life better than marriage.  It just makes it more versitile.

Regardless, no person takes on celibacy because they don’t have a sexuality. Every human person is sexual.  Even religious persons.  Even religious persons committed to a life of holiness and service. The celibate person still experiences attraction to others.  But the celibate learns to channel that generative energy into those activities that lead to, well, holiness and service. (For a wonderful reflection on the positive understanding of sexuality and heaven that celibacy points to, check out this article–Is There Sex In Heaven– by Boston College professor Peter Kreeft)

Obviously, celibacy calls for incredible self-discipline, but that’s the point.  Some things are worth waiting for.   In their own ways, albeit to somewhat different ends, Buddhist monks and nuns, and Catholic priests, brothers and nuns all exist to remind the world that there are deeper mysteries that we are all called to encounter in our own way and those mysteries are worth making sacrifices for.

Which brings us back to why I always chuckle when I see articles like the one from CNN that inspired this post.  The surprising thing isn’t that the Dali Lama experiences sexual arousal from time to time–he is a human being after all.  The truly surprising is that unlike most of the rest of us, he is able–like all healthy celibates of any faith–to view sexual energy as a catalyst for transcendence instead of viewing it as a pressure that must be released.

As Pope Benedict XVI wrote in his encyclical, Deus Caritas Est (“God is love”), properly understood, “Eros tends to rise ‘in ecstasy’ towards the Divine, to lead us beyond ourselves; yet for this very reason it calls for a path of ascent, renunciation, purification and healing.”

The celibate doesn’t renounce sex.  He or she announces that by harnessing the sexual impulse, a deeper mystical, and even nuptial union with both the Divine and all of humanity is not only desirable, but possible.

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“Homophobic? Maybe You’re Gay”

There’s an interesting article at the New York Times on some sexuality studies indicating that homophobic people often have same-sex desires.

WHY are political and religious figures who campaign against gay rights so often implicated in sexual encounters with same-sex partners?

In recent years, Ted Haggard, an evangelical leader who preached that homosexuality was a sin, resigned after a scandal involving a former male prostitute; Larry Craig, a United States senator who opposed including sexual orientation in hate-crime legislation, was arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct in a men’s bathroom; and Glenn Murphy Jr., a leader of the Young Republican National Convention and an opponent of same-sex marriage, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge after being accused of sexually assaulting another man.

One theory is that homosexual urges, when repressed out of shame or fear, can be expressed as homophobia. Freud famously called this process a “reaction formation” — the angry battle against the outward symbol of feelings that are inwardly being stifled. Even Mr. Haggard seemed to endorse this idea when, apologizing after his scandal for his anti-gay rhetoric, he said, “I think I was partially so vehement because of my own war.”

It’s a compelling theory — and now there is scientific reason to believe it. In this month’s issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, we and our fellow researchers provide empirical evidence that homophobia can result, at least in part, from the suppression of same-sex desire.

Our paper describes six studies conducted in the United States and Germany involving 784 university students. Participants rated their sexual orientation on a 10-point scale, ranging from gay to straight. Then they took a computer-administered test designed to measure their implicit sexual orientation. In the test, the participants were shown images and words indicative of hetero- and homosexuality (pictures of same-sex and straight couples, words like “homosexual” and “gay”) and were asked to sort them into the appropriate category, gay or straight, as quickly as possible. The computer measured their reaction times.

The twist was that before each word and image appeared, the word “me” or “other” was flashed on the screen for 35 milliseconds — long enough for participants to subliminally process the word but short enough that they could not consciously see it. The theory here, known as semantic association, is that when “me” precedes words or images that reflect your sexual orientation (for example, heterosexual images for a straight person), you will sort these images into the correct category faster than when “me” precedes words or images that are incongruent with your sexual orientation (for example, homosexual images for a straight person). This technique, adapted from similar tests used to assess attitudes like subconscious racial bias, reliably distinguishes between self-identified straight individuals and those who self-identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Using this methodology we identified a subgroup of participants who, despite self-identifying as highly straight, indicated some level of same-sex attraction (that is, they associated “me” with gay-related words and pictures faster than they associated “me” with straight-related words and pictures). Over 20 percent of self-described highly straight individuals showed this discrepancy.

Notably, these “discrepant” individuals were also significantly more likely than other participants to favor anti-gay policies; to be willing to assign significantly harsher punishments to perpetrators of petty crimes if they were presumed to be homosexual; and to express greater implicit hostility toward gay subjects (also measured with the help of subliminal priming). Thus our research suggests that some who oppose homosexuality do tacitly harbor same-sex attraction.

What leads to this repression? We found that participants who reported having supportive and accepting parents were more in touch with their implicit sexual orientation and less susceptible to homophobia. Individuals whose sexual identity was at odds with their implicit sexual attraction were much more frequently raised by parents perceived to be controlling, less accepting and more prejudiced against homosexuals.

It’s important to stress the obvious: Not all those who campaign against gay men and lesbians secretly feel same-sex attractions. But at least some who oppose homosexuality are likely to be individuals struggling against parts of themselves, having themselves been victims of oppression and lack of acceptance. The costs are great, not only for the targets of anti-gay efforts but also often for the perpetrators. We would do well to remember that all involved deserve our compassion.

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A Different Kind of Pinup

Rugby player Sacha Harding recently stripped for a calandar to raise money for HIV.

Harding recently bared all, posing for the cover of Britain’s Gay Times magazine as part of a fund-raiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. He was one of 54 men who went full monty for the magazine’s annual Naked Issue, and his photo was auctioned off to raise even more money for the charity. The straight athlete (he says his girlfriend loved the images) didn’t think twice about posing nude for a gay magazine. “I’m comfortable with my sexuality and felt confident that what I did would in some way help the cause,” he says.

That’s because HIV and AIDS aren’t gay issues, he adds, but a global crisis that belongs to all of us. “AIDS is a huge issue and one that can’t be ignored,” he says. “I was asked to help and I couldn’t say no.” And while he took some ribbing from his fellow teammates for dropping trou, he says, “Of course there was a bit of banter. On the whole, the team and friends were all very supportive.”

Read more at The Advocate.

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Pussy Rings

Musician Grimes just released pictures of her new jewlery line featuring rings in the shape of vulvas.

Read more at Bust.


Positional Protocol Training

A week or so ago I went over a few slave positions. I have been reading up on the Gorean lifestyle and there protocol. The protocol is something that is all but gone in our community, I know I keep bringing that up, but it just irks me to no end.

In the Gorean Lifestyle slave positions are used as part of the slaves training. Also as part of the protocol when entering a room, or in service, or even waiting, to putting on there leash.

It really amazes me , when you look at the difference between the submissive , the slave in the BDSM lifestyle.

Would I want to be Gorean, I do not think so, some of there Ideas I agree with and some I don’t. I do believe these positions good be used as a good training tool.

Nadu or Kneeling PositionThis is the most basic of all the positions. This is the position a slave is in most of the time. The slave kneels before her Master, her head held high, eyes downcast, knees spread wide open, shoulders back keeping her back straight (or arched slightly), breasts thrust outward. Her hands lie on her thighs, palms facing upward.  Some may like for the ankles to be crossed. 

There is a variation where the slave only spreads her thighs when directly in front of her Master.  If he should move away from her, she should turn in his direction keeping her body facing him, but close her thighs (the Tower Slave Position) until he is once again in directly in front of her.

Variations of hand positions also exist, including palms facing downward, palms upwards or facing outwards, fingers spread wide apart, crossing the wrists with the hands resting in the lap, wrists crossed behind the back, and fingers interlaced behind the neck.

Tower Slave or Kneeling Modestly PositionThis is a variation of the kneeling (nadu) position in which the slave kneels in the same way, but with her knees pulled together. The slave’s hands typically rest on her thighs facing downward, however any of the hand variations described in the nadu position could also be used.

Some may not consider this as a separate position from the kneeling position, only a variation of it based on whether the Master is directly in front of her at the time.

Sulu or Prone Position

In this position, a slave lays upon her back, her hands at her sides, palms upward, her legs widely spread, to await her Master’s pleasure.

Sulu-ki or Raised Prone Position

This position is almost identical to the sula position, except once she has assumed the sula position she slowly lifts her hips up off the floor, as if beckoning him with her body, encouraging her sexual use by him.

Leasha Or Leash PositionThis position is used to attach a leash. She kneels, her back to her Master, with her chin lifted and head turned to the left, offering her collar for leashing. Her wrists are behind her back, ready, if needed, to be snapped into slave bracelets.

In a variation on this position, the slave remains either standing or kneeling, depending upon the current position she is in, and then turns and puts her back to her Master, her chin up, her head turned to the left so a leash may be attached to her collar.

Bracelets PositionThis position is used to put on slave bracelets for chaining the slave.  She places her hands behind her back, her shoulders pushed back, her breasts thrust outward, and her hands clasped tightly behind her back and ready for bracelets to be placed on her.

In an alternative to this position, the slave stands gracefully before her Master, with her hips slightly turned to one side, her back and shoulders erect, her wrists crossed behind her back and her head turned to the left, in anticipation of having slave bracelets attached to her wrists.

Ko Lar or Collaring Position or Submit PositionThe slave kneels at the Master’s feet and leans her body back, sitting upon her heels, with her arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, and her head beneath them lowered in submission.  This is particularly good in a collaring ceremony.

Hair Position

The slave stands, her feet flat on the floor, and bows gracefully at the waist, that her hair might fall forward for display, or to be shorn, seized, or used for any purpose that the Master desires.

Leading PositionThe slave stands and moves behind her Master, bending at the waist. She places her hands behind her and puts the side of her head to her Master’s hip, that he might lead her easily by the hair or collar while walking.
Kneeling to the Whip or Whipping PositionTurning and facing away from her Master, the slave first assumes the kneeling position (nadu), though with her arms crossed in front of her. With her crossed arms stretched out before her, she then leans forward and places her head to the floor, first sweeping her hair forward over her shoulders in order that her back might be fully exposed to the whip.

An alternative for this position is for the slave to cross her arms across her chest and under her as she then lowers her head to the floor.  Variations as to space between the thighs and raising the backside up for an easier spanking position are also available.

Bara Position

In this position, the slave lays on her stomach, face down and turned to the left with her wrists crossed behind her back. Her ankles are crossed, as well, as if for binding.

Belly Position

In this position, the slave assumes a face down position, her head is turned to the left, arms are at her sides with the palms turned up, and her legs are parted widely.

A variation of this position has the slave with her palms pressed flat to the ground on either side of her head.

Obeisance PositionGiving obeisance to the Master is as much a series of moves as it is any single position.  In one common position of slave obeisance, the slave kneels (nadu) before her Master. The slave then bends forward and lowers her head to the floor, her arms outstretched, the palms of her hands pressed to the floor. 

In another variation, the slave lowers herself onto her belly on the floor. She then inches forward, remaining low on her belly, and upon reaching the Master’s feet, she licks and kisses them.  Afterwards she takes the Master’s foot and places it gently upon her head. She then lowers his foot again to the floor, and kisses it again. She then may inch backwards a bit, still on her belly.

In a variation, the slave goes to the floor, laying upon her stomach, face down before the Master. She turns her head and places her cheek against his feet, kissing them lightly in a gesture of love and submission.

Old Guard protocols place a whole style of service around what’s called “Boot Service”, so there is a considerable amount of variations on this theme.  This is a wonderful way for a slave to start service to her Master and to gain serious head space.

The Slaver’s Kiss or Usage Position

The slave falls to the floor upon all fours, and lowers her head to the ground, with her buttocks thrust upward and her thighs widely spread, exposing her hindquarters fully in preparation for the caress of the leather whip against her body. 

A variation on this position has the slave fall to the floor upon all fours, and keeps her head straight, her eyes looking forward, with her buttocks thrust upward and her thighs widely spread in preparation for the sexual use of the Master.

A second variation has the slave put her head down with her hands clasped firmly behind her neck. 

She-Sleen Position

In this position, the slave falls to her hands and knees, her head down on the floor, her hindquarters thrust high for viewing and/or her Master’s pleasure.  Typically, this position is used for humility training, and the slave is made to do her duties using her teeth to hold things and without using her hands.  As she crawls around on all fours, she may also be used by her Master sexually.  She may also be made to eat from the floor or a bowl on the floor.

There are many more positions than what’s been described thus far.  Here are a few listed by category.  Name them as you like.

Attention Positions

  • The slave stands upright, legs spread moderately, hands clasped behind her back above her ass.

  • The slave stands upright, legs spread moderately, hands clasped behind her neck.

Spanking Positions

  • The slave lies over her Master’s lap, hands and feet on floor.

  • The slave lies over her Master’s lap, feet on floor with hands clasped behind neck.

  • The slave lies over her Master’s lap, her inside leg trapped between his legs, and her hands on floor.

  • The slave lies over her Master’s lap, her genitals against his.

  • The slave straddles her Master facing his feet, her hands on floor with her ass slightly raised in front of him.

Paddling Positions

  • The slave stands with her legs spread moderately, bent at waist, hands on her legs below her knees.

  • The slave stands with legs spread moderately, bent at waist, with her hands clasped behind her neck.

Crawling Positions

  • The slave goes to her hands and knees with her legs vertical and moderately spread. Her head is lowered in humility.

  • The slave goes to her knees and elbows with her arms stretched forward, her legs slightly spread, and her back arched.

  • The slave goes to her knees and elbows with her hands on her elbows, her legs slightly spread, and her back arched.

  • The slave goes to her knees and elbows with her hands pinching opposite nipples, her legs slightly spread, and her back arched.

  • The slave goes to her knees, leaning forward with her face and breasts on floor. Her hands reach back to grip her ankles.

Sexual Usage Positions

  • The slave lies on her back with her legs spread very wide and straight, and her hands clasped behind her head.

  • The slave lies on her back with her legs spread very wide and moderately bent, and her hands clasped behind her head.

  • The slave lies on her back with her legs spread very wide and completely bent and her feet against her ass.  Her hands are clasped behind her head.

  • The slave lies on her back with her legs spread very wide and moderately bent, and her hands holding her genitals spread open to view.

  • Very Interesting.